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The Washington Stars mission is to provide the State of Washington with a competitive, elite women's baseball team which will compete in various baseball competitions (league and non-league) around the world, and to provide to women the opportunity to play baseball at all levels of play in future years.


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We, along with various women's baseball organizations, teams and leagues throughout the world, are dedicated to and are striving to heighten the awareness, levels and standards for and participation in women's baseball. We (female hard ball players) take pride in the fact that we play baseball out of the extreme passion we have for the game.

Starting a new baseball league requires funds for uniforms, equipment, fields, officials, entry fees and travel expenses.

Join our list of dedicated supporters of women's baseball. We need your support! Sponsors will be acknowledged on our sponsors page on this website and given other recognition.




The Washington Stars are currently recruiting for the 2005 season. If you are a female at least 14 years of age with baseball and/or fast pitch softball experience, and if you are interested in trying out, please contact us. We are seeking collegiate level experience; fast pitch softball players or baseball players, but it's not a requirement. Teams at various skill levels will be developed if there is a demand for teams at other levels of play. If you want a chance to play REAL BASEBALL, contact US!!

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