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Silver Bullets



Bellevue, Washington had, after the release of the film “A League of Their Own,” attempted to field a women’s baseball team, but their efforts failed. The players grew weary of practice, practice and more practice, and no one to compete against. Some of these players are today playing in men’s leagues, on men’s teams, to be able to play “hardball.”

In June 2003, a young lady in Tacoma, Washington decided to try to start a recreation league for women to play baseball in Tacoma. She was able to find enough women to put together 4 teams, but the problems became insurmountable as to how to get equipment, fields and teams, and so the proposed league did not materialize.

Through the internet, it was discovered there are women playing in baseball leagues all across the country and a contact was made which led to change in direction from recreational play to tournament play.

Through contacts with American Women’s Baseball Leagues on line and a local contact with a former All-American Girl’s Professional Baseball player, try outs for a Tournament Team were planned and conducted in Renton, Washington on September 16-17th, 2003. A team was established, the Washington Stars were born and plans for competitive play in a West Coast League with California and Colorado teams are being developed.

Washington Stars played their first game in August 2003 against a touring Canadian girls team. Future games will be played in a local league environment in preparation for National Tournaments.

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