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Silver Bullets


Silver Bullets


The “Silver Bullets” became the first women’s professional baseball team since 1957. Bob Hope, famous comedian, actor of the 50’s into the 90’s attempted to field a team of female ball players, the Sun Sox in the minor leagues in Florida in the late 1980’s, but the team never materialized. Still Hope believed women should have the same chance as their male counterparts to play baseball. In 1993, Hope convinced Coors Brewing Company to sponsor a women’s team. He reportedly put up a million dollars of his own money. A top quality women’s baseball team was groomed from over 1300 athletes who attended try-outs all around the country, including Tacoma, WA. Former major league pitcher, Phil Niekro was chosen by Mr. Hope to be the head coach. The coaching staff of seven totaled 119 years of major-league experience and eight World Series championships. Twenty-four athletes made the original team on April 3, 1994. The Silver Bullets had losing seasons from 1994 to 1997. They began playing approximately 50 games a season against men’s minor-league, semi-pro, and college teams in many of the country’s premiere stadiums. The final year they finished the season with a winning record of 23-22. After six years and investing over $8,000,000 with the Bullets, Coors Brewing Company bowed out as their sponsor. After struggling to find new sponsorship through the 1997 season, they were forced to disband.

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